The Hellblinki Sextet
  Asheville Citizen Times  01-18-08
Take 5
 by Jamie McKee - Online Editor

Hellblinki Blasting Folk from a Bus
Experience the sextet during POPAsheville

The Hellblinki Sextet has been performing for more than eight years but this Saturday will make its first performance on a bus. The group will play as part of POPAsheville on the LaZoom, which will carry festival-goers between the Grey Eagle, The Rocket Club and Stella Blue. More than just transportation, the bus is offering its own schedule of entertainment. We caught up with Andrew Benjamin to talk about the group and what it might be like performing on a bus.
What makes up Hellblinki?
 In it's current form, Benjamin, Valerie Meiss, and Brad Lundsford make up the band.  "We started out as a six-peice (group), and then we've been pretty much everything from a nine-piece to a one-peice," Benjamin said. "Just recently we've settled on a three piece.  We've travelled more and more, and with three people it's so much easier, We've kind of found a groove with these three people. We can do a full show, and still keep things fairly efficient."
CDs and EPs

The group has two CDs and several EPs recorded, though only one of the EPs is available now. The band has been recording a new record for almost four years, and hopes to have a new release in the next three months.....

How would you describe the music?

“I wouldn’t,” Benjamin joked. “We’re kind of a mix between different American and European folk traditions with kind of a punk rock experimentation thrown in. We’re really loud folk music. We’re trailer cabaret.”

Why is "Sesame Street" such a big influence?

"If you listen to the music from 'Sesame Street," it's amazing," he said. "The Muppet band is amazing and really well put together. The Style of 'Sesame Street (is) a mixture of so many different elements."

About being part of POPAheville:

The band played the old Idfest which has evolved and expanded into POPAsheville.  "They put us on the bus, which is going to be really odd anf great," said Benjamin. "It's going to be an experience. I think it will be fun. It will be moving."