The Hellblinki Sextet
Metro Spirit  05-23-07
Etrange Cabaret

The band's self-posted ode on MySpace goes "The Hellblinki Sextet is a shpe-shifting conglomerate of Augusta, Ga.'s most origional and eclectic  musicians serving Andrew's sweaty musical visions."
The "Andrew" is Andrew Benjamin, ringleader of Hellblinki. His band morphs in and out of musical members like a hummingbird changes flowers; albiet a creepy, grinning hummingbird with a prosthetic wing and an eye-patch.
The Hellblinki Sextet is a musical circus that whips from their stage in a Tilt-A-Whirl of melodies.  Benjamin tries to describe the sound "It's sort of like you've got all the radios on upstairs in different rooms and there's a band of deamons playing in your livingroom."
Presently THS has four regulars, including Christian Woodall on trumpet, Valerie Meiss on Glockenspiel and Melodica, and bass player Ed Bonjokian.
Benjamin said frankly that the revolving member roster is due to his first requirement of his fellow musicians. "I choose band members for their ability to not be a pain in the ass."
But he insists the rotating of musicians does nothing to hinder the band's quality.
"Usually it takes somebody who is a pretty accomplished musician to just jump in and play.  Some of the keys we use, or the way the songs are written,are different, Some of the keys are made up."
Benjamin added, "Occasionally we get folk that really know their musical theory, I write the songs an the music isn't easy."
And not one to let a pesky sextet name bind his artistic creation, Benjamin said, "Sometimes I play alone."
He doesn't jest The Hellblinki Sextet often plays as a one-man band: Andrew Benjamin as THS.
"I play drums primarily, and sing. I've been known to bang on the piano or whip out an accordion if need be." Erika Bolin