The Hellblinki Sextet
Harry Grimes Treatment...

How many crows in a murder? How many ignoramuses in a majority? How many Hellblinkis in a sextet? Common answer: enough to make one infernal racket

Birthed full grown from the forehead of Andrew Benjamin (a.k.a. A- Hellblinki), The Hellblinki Sextet is a Shape-Shifting conglomerate of Augusta GAs most original and eclectic musicians serving Andrews sweaty musical visions: Broken tooth blues in a Tux, Choral fantasies for agnostic angels, and peg-leg waltzes on the rim of Mt. Vesuvius. In the studio or on the stage Hellblinki is prone to suprises, sexual tension, and dramatic release; its material is refreshingly unusual, while remaining accessible to mortal ears.

The band has been known to perform as a true sextet, composed of male and female vocalists; acoustic electric and bass guitars, brass and woodwinds, multiple percussionists, violin, keyboards, samples, radio, and various toys and empty wine bottles. In its present incarnation, Hellblinki is Andrew the one-man band on guitar, vocals, drums and the occasional cornet, often joined by additional percussion, strings and voices provided by previous members of the larger group.

This Hellblinki takes its raw pirate blues into the bloody public arena with careless abandon, and has been seen conquering entire unwary audiences: victims halt conversation, quadruple their drink orders, and dance like mad drunken fools, joyously participating in the madness boiling over the boards.

Andrew plys the anxious crowd with noise-making trinkets and urges frenzied participation, if only with their own soused howls and grunts.

For fans, and others with the misfortune of being too far afield to attend the performances, Andrew maintains from which the curious can obtain worldly merchandise and glimpses of further sonic and visual elements of Hellblinki. Through this outlet, a dedicated Dutch DJ discovered the band and exposed the complete Hellblinki Sextet self-titled debut CD on public radio mere weeks after its release, generating some raucous acclaim from the Netherlands and Norway. Athens, GA, station WUOG has also provided airplay, keeping a recent demo in rotation for many moons now. This exposure has stimulated responses from Illinois to Italy from excited listeners, and has created anticipation for an opportunity to witness the live Hellblinki manifestation.

This band is charismatic and grinningly talented,

a true joy to see perform.

Seek them out.

-Harry Grimes