The HellBlinki Sextet

The Hellblinki Sextet Self-titled Debut
Flash Art-website
To trumpet the release of The Hellblinki Sextet "Self-Titled Debut" CD in 2002, this Flash driven website was created. Explore and have fun, many secrets lie within...
Pumpkin Knight
Short film
55.5mg .wmv
Produced by Stephen Gilliam and the 3-Phase collective, this short film features sound design by Hellblinki, and an early version of our song "No Place to Go"
Tales From the Tank
Making-of Short
29.9mg .wmv
A "Making-Of" film short produced by Andrew Neddermeyer who served as the Video Assist operator for the Kerner Optical Special Effects house in San Rafael during production on Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Features our version of "Pirates Life". Neat to see the special effects guys making their magic. Look for the fellow with the slide whistle at the end, The story is: he played constantly on set, a nifty syncronicity with the beginning of our song!
A Very Groovy Christmas Special
"Nuttin' for Christmas"
Introduced by James Brown
54.6mg .mpeg
In December 2002 Comcast produced "A Very Groovy Christmas Special" in conjunction with the First 12 Bands of Christmas concert. The producers surprised the participating artists by getting The Patron Saint of Augusta, Mr. James Brown to introduce the acts. The Special won an Addy award for our local Comcast station. Here is our contribution to the program...
Television Commercial
Imperial Theatre
September 10th 2005
1.85mg .wmv
On September 10th 2005, in collaboration with several other bands, and performing arts groups, The Hellblinki Sextet presented our second big theater show at the Imperial Theater in Augusta, GA.
This is the TV commercial for the show, directed and filmed by Stephen Gilliam...